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Hello friends! Are you looking for that dependable, versatile voice actor? Someone who will invest themselves in your project? Bring a positive attitude who will be consistently reliable and fun to work with? Well, you’re in the right place my friend.


As a kid, I was always fascinated with cartoons, movies, and video games. I was that kid who made all the outrageous claims, like “I’m going to make my own video games”, or “I’m going to make my own cartoon”. That’s right! I was that weird kid who told all of his friends that I was a space alien who was here to save the world.


As an adult, I began pursuing my passions when I joined the Kalamazoo Voice-Over Guild, where I was mentored by some of the most successful voice-overs in the industry.


Now, I am using my plethora of experience to help my clients with their Voice-Over needs. I hope you find me reliable, fun, and easy to work with. It is my goal to help you bring your project to life, with the constant obsession with improving myself in order to better serve you.


Reach out and say “Hello”! I love meeting new people and making new friends. Let’s conquer the world together.

"It has been a pleasure working with J. Thomas Gordy. He isn't your typical professional. Easy to work with and someone you can connect with on a personal level. By choosing him for your project, you're not just getting a voice, you are getting a rock star."

Patryk Sokol / Sokol Soundworks

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