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“We at ARG! Cartoon Animation love working with J. Thomas Gordy, a talented, professional and creative voice actor. His heartfelt, funny and energetic performances contributed greatly to the success of the Sheree’ Morris animated series, Monkey & Cat. Upon discovering the scope of his talent, we decided to expand his role in future episodes. He’s also enthusiastic and very easy to work with. For these reasons and many others, we wholeheartedly endorse J. Thomas Gordy.”


-Artie Romero, Producer/Director at ARG! Cartoon Animation LLC-

“J. Thomas Gordy is truly one of the best people I’ve ever worked with, and his sense of comedic timing is on point!”

-Brandon Jenkins, Voice-Over-

“Joshua’s rich, distinctive voice and talent for understanding character immediately stood out as a fit for our productions.”


-Ed McLean, Owner of Rash Animated Productions-

“Quick turnaround. We were extremely happy with the results and the quality of the audio delivered. We’ll definitely do business again. Thanks!”


-Jake Stanley, VoCool-

“We’ve had the pleasure to work with J. Thomas Gordy on several projects! The latest of which was an E-Learning project on a very tight schedule. Not only did he deliver the recordings quickly, but the quality of the recordings was absolutely perfect and needed no retakes. He brings positivity to everything he works on and always goes above and beyond his duties. We will definitely be working with him again in the near future and highly recommend you do, too.”

-Jasmine Sabry, CEO of Canaria Voice Productions-

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